Friday, 9 August 2013


Lately I've been having a lot of free time so other than resting my body in a horizontal position waiting for the sun to give me just a little tan, reading books about Greek Olympians and scrolling the Tumblr dashboard with my index finger, I've been going through some online shops' websites. That's how I've found and completely fell in love with a little crazy thing called peplum. I love the name of it so much, I could repeat it all day. Anyway, I've gathered some of my favourite peplum clothes and decided to share this awesomeness with you. 
When I think "peplum" I see peplum tops so that's why you can find mostly tops here. I added Monochrome Aztec Panel Peplum Top to this list because I love the simple shape of it and the interesting aztec print. For the same reasons I chose the Blue Vanilla Yellow Multicoloured Vintage Rose Peplum Top except here the print isn't aztec, it's floral slash vintage slash very very colorful. The Fuchsia Dip Hem Peplum T-Shirt is something a little bit more casual and besides the colour (I'm a sucker for pink clothes) I really love the dip hem shape of it and rolled up sleeves. I think it would look great with black leggins or light floral printed skinny jeans. Next peplum top I've chosen is the Black Spot Mesh Panel Peplum Top. Just like the first one from the left it has a mesh panel near the neckline which I think looks really great. The polka dots make it looks even more perfect and add something interesting to very classic shape. As you can see there's something different in the middle of the picture. Yes, it's a peplum skirt. Lately I've seen many people wear such skirts and I absolutely love how it looks like. I'd wear this Black Drop Hem Peplum Skirt with tucked in shirt and high heels. 

The next thing is the Rachel Peplum Dip Hem Shirt which I found on, my new favourite online store. It's another dip hem shape but this time in a version of button-down black shirt with chic collar. What I love about it so much is the see-through fabric. The second skirt I've chosen is from Asos and is called Oasis Bow Peplum Skirt. What I think makes this skirt look different than other peplum skirts is the wide pleated peplum which in my opinion looks amazing. The next (and the last) top I chose is the See U Soon Peplum Top in colour green. It's a very light and summery option of peplum in bright, almost neon colour. The last thing I'd like to show you and my second favourite piece is a Julie Polka Dot Bandeau Peplum Playsuit also found on The pink polka dots and little sweetheart neckline give this playsuit the pin-up look, which I absolutely adore. I don't really have any playsuit but if I had one, this would be it!

What do you think about peplum clothes? Which one is your favourite? 


  1. I love the Monochrome Aztec Panel Peplum top, so pretty! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. I am peplum obsessed! I especially love the polka dot romper. Rompers are so adorable, but they never fit me well. :(

    -Lindsey | Zip & Zeal

  3. I want it alllll! I'm starting to think I have an unhealthy obsession for peplum ... ><

  4. I've never tried on anything peplum :O Probably will now though to be fair haha
    Jenny x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  5. i love the green one! it's such a pretty color that i don't have in my wardrobe and the relaxed fit is right up my ally (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  6. I'm still loving peplum!
    new follower

  7. I love the black one with the see-through polka dotted fabric at the top the best!

  8. LOVELY printed TOP!! peplum is my fav trend!! the polka one is also very cute!!
    visit my blog too :)

  9. i love peplum! i've only allowed myself one shirt in case i go overboard lol

    A Beautiful Zen


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