Tuesday, 8 October 2013


The autumn is finally here which means I need some new clothes, well I always need new clothes (who doesn't?) but the beginning of this particular season makes me want to buy even more clothes than normally. As it's getting more windy and rainy (and I tend to forget my umbrella very often), hats and beanies became more than necessary. So I went for a trip down Internet Stores Lane and found some that I like.

I already bought a beanie this year but I went for a simple black one from Primark as I thought it would suit anything. I was probably right but now, as I see all these pretty colorful beanies, I just want them all. Four I liked the most are: ASOS Bobble Beanie With Stars And StripesASOS Watermelon BeanieGrey and Neon Orange Trim Beanie and Black Selfie Beanie. My favourite is definitely the watermelon one from Asos.

As for hats, I'm totally obsessed with bowler hats lately. Since I tried one on in Primark when I was in London, I can't stop thinking about buying it. Unfortunately, I can't find it in my Primark, so I'm just gonna have to wait for it to magically appear. For this post I chose three bowler hats (all black...): Black Rolled Brim Bowler Hat, Black Roller Bowler Hat and Karlotta Stud Roller Hat In Black.

I also really like how fedora hats look like. Two I liked the most are: Barbour Dalton Fedora and Deep Red Felt Fedora. The burgundy one is just perfect, isn't it?

What are you going to wear on your head this autumn?

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  1. Definitely the burgundy fedora! I need that in my closet! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. I never wear hats but I LOVE the look of beanies, I just don't think I suit them): I love that grey and orange beanie!x


  3. These hats are so cute! Hahah the watermelon one >_<

    Stephanie Dong Fashion +

  4. These are cute! I need to find a flattering hat for when it starts getting snowy! I've never managed to find one I really liked, but I'm still on the hunt!

  5. I really want a bowler hat! I love the watermelon hat xox


  6. Beanies are my favourite!,, xx


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