Monday, 24 June 2013


Is it only me or has Hamsa hand appear everywhere lately? I've seen it on t-shirts, bags, dresses and as a jewellery and I think I should mention... that this makes me a very happy person since I really dig this idea. For those who haven't heard about Hamsa hand it is a talisman for magical protection against the "evil eye" and is one of the most popular amulets for good luck and prosperity.

Here are some clothes and accessories with Hamsa hand that I like: 

2. TUNIC by iboo from

3. Evil Eye Delicate Bracelet from Urban Outfitters

4. Jules Smith Hamsa Necklace from

6. Hamsa Hand Post Earrings from Urban Outfitters

7. Truly Madly Deeply Palm Of Darkness Tee from Urban Outfitters

8. Egyptian Hamsa Hand Cotton Bag from

9. Ranch Hand Swing Tank from

10. Hamsa Hand Bracelet from

What do you think about this idea? Which piece of these mentioned above do you like the most?

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  1. great selection


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