Monday, 19 August 2013


Some time ago Look! magazine published photos of new Primark collection for Autumn and Winter 2013. There's a lot of tartan, a lot of interesting prints, many many shoes and even a little bit of lace. As I'm going to live in Ireland from 5th of September til the end of January and as I'm probably gonna see Primark... oh wait, Penneys through my window, I know I'm going to shop there very very often. Good to know, what I'll find there!
As for shorts, I picked two pairs. I chose Baroque Shorts (£10) because of the lovely baroque print, of course. I think they would look great with black ankle boots and oversized blazer. I also chose these white Lace Shorts (£12) even though I think they'd be better for the summer.

The dress I've chosen is a Tartan Print Dress. I don't know what I love about it the most , the tartan print, the cute collar or the shape of the dress. It's just perfect for autumn! I hope it's not very windy where I'm going because I really love that black Wool Fedora (£8). I don't really see myself running after it when wind blows the hat off my head.

I really love the kimono (£15) in the middle, isn't the print just beautiful? I really like the idea of casual kimonos, I think they're very easy to wear and make the outfit look far more interesting. As for the tops, I chose a black and white Collar T-Shirt (£8), which I think is one of the best pieces in the collection and a Cutout Blouse (£10), another one of the best.

As for shoes I picked two pairs of ankle boots. The Wrap Ankle Boots (£20) aren't something I would usually wear but I somehow see myself wearing them... does that make sense? No? Well... I can't really explain it. Another pair of boots I chose are Western Boots (£18). When I saw them my heart yelled "You need those and you need them now". I'm sorry, heart, you're gonna have to wait a little bit longer but you're gonna get what you want!

What do you think of this collection? What are your favourite pieces?


  1. I love the boots <3 Your taste is very good :))

  2. Like the boots and, of course, the hut! :D You don´t follow me yet via Google Friend? :((
    Today new post, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  3. I love the cut out ankle boots, I'm not really into heels but I would definitely suuerf for those! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  4. Love this list! Primark is definitely getting better as the years go on! Xx

    Shona's Adventures In Wonderland

  5. primark?! can't believe these amazing picks are primark :) love the kimono xo

  6. I love all of those things, especially those lace shorts! xx

  7. That is so good for Primark!

    Emma |

  8. The tartan dress is so pretty! Wish there was a primark near me! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  9. Really wouldn't think this was Primark!!
    Love the lace shorts and those boots! xo

    Rachael |

  10. They have such an amazing collection :) I think the boots win it for me but come autumn I am addicted to them!

  11. Love so many of the items here, especially the boots and fedora!

  12. The only things I would choose from your little list are The Wrap Ankle Boots and Tartan Print Dress. Rest is just too scary to wear for me ;P

  13. I really want both of those pairs of boots! I'm in London next week so will be keeping my eyes peeled for them!

    Ash :-)


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