Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Do you know like some weekends just pass by so quickly that you don't even realise when it's over? Well, my weekend was definitely not like that. My friend Natalia came over and we had just the best time ever. It must have been one of the most relaxing and chilling weekends in our lives. 

After Natalia arrived and we bought some food we decided to do what we can do best: lock ourselves in a room and sit in front of a computer. It might sound a little bit boring but I can assure you, it wasn't. We watched YouTube videos from McFly's concert we've been together to a month ago (well...exactly a month ago) so as you probably can imagine, we got a little bit emotional. But you can't blame us, it's McFly. And as if it wasn't enough - we watched not one, but two episodes of Hannah Montana while eating Maltesers. If you only knew the chills we had when Hannah Montana announced that she's actually living a double life. Whoops... Spoiler alert!

Later we decided to go to an enormous park in my city, which I've never been to. Actually, until Friday I didn't even knew it existed. As my city doesn't belong to the prettiest places in the world, I didn't expect the park to be so beautiful! In one second we felt like we were in London's Hyde Park, the next one we felt like we were in Cenral Park in New York. After a long walk in the park we ended up drinking Cherry Cola on a bench and later watching alpacas, goats, donkeys and pelicans calmly living their life in a ZOO. 

And the day still wasn't over! As it was getting darker outside, we decided to go to a nice little bar called "White Monkey" where we drank cherry beer. It was more cherry than a beer and this is probably why I liked it so much! After that we stepped into one of the weirdest parties I've ever been to. It was full of high school hipsters and Vans shoes. And that is when we headed home. 

The next day, after we woke up and spent some time on tumblr and twitter, we found some YouTube videos from a game called "Just Dance". We wouldn't be us if we didn't try to dance to them, would we? We had the best time while we were dancing to Britney's "Baby One More Time". 

Later we went to another walk, to a different park. And it would be just an ordinary walk if we didn't find colourful candy floss there. I bought myself a pink one which was supposed to taste like wild strawberry (it didn't) and Natalia got a Coca-Cola flavoured blue candy floss. 

Unfortunately after we ate dinner, Natalia had to go home. As someone once said "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" that's what I did! And when Natalia was in the bus on her way home I headed to the tram station. I was very mistaken when I thought that anything interesting was to happen to me for the rest of the day. I was very surprised when one of the oldest trams in my city arrived to the tram station to take me home.. because why not?


  1. Sounds like you had fun - and that candy floss looks amazing! :)


  2. I haven't had cotton candy in forever! making my mouth water, aha


  3. Sounds like a perfect day hanging out with friends x

    Heels forever

  4. This sounds like such a lovely weekend! Cherry beer is the only beer I am down to drink!


  5. I've really been enjoying reading your blog recently! I love a good UK blog. I didn't know you called that "candy floss"! We call it cotton candy over in the states. :)



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