Saturday, 6 July 2013


As you probably already know, you can now buy Primark clothes on They're more expensive than in traditional stores obviously and you can buy only selected pieces, but for me, a person living outside the UK, this is all I can get. I went through all the Primark clothes I could find on asos and picked up the ones I love the most.

The first one I've chosen is the Chambray Skater Skirt for £10.00. I think that this kind of skirts are the best for summer. The denim fabric makes it look even better and as I'm totally in love with festival fashion lately, this skirt would be perfect for me.

The next thing I really like is this Studded Parka for £22.00. I know it's summer, not the best time for parkas, but I think it is the prettiest parka I have ever seen. The word "perfection" is the one I should use describing this parka.

I know I've been raving about the third one before and I don't think I will ever stop but this Floral Print Prom Dress is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen... I mean ever. And it's only £17.00 which makes me wonder why it isn't in my wardrobe yet...

Another thing I like is this Denim Jacket for £16.00. The reason why it is so perfect is its simplicity. It's just a normal light denim jacket which would be perfect for summer evenings.

I probably haven't mentioned that I love aztec print yet, but I do. I love it in colour, I love it in black and white and I definitely love it on this Aztec Cut Out Skater Dress. I think it is a great summer dress, especially because of these little cut outs. And it's for only £15.00.

The last thing on this "Possession Obsession" list is the Polka Dot Woven T-Shirt for £8.00. I really like the cropped cut which would look great with skinny jeans and I have to admit - I am a polka dot lover.


  1. I really like the parka and aztec printed dress, great picks!

  2. That parkaaaaaaaaaaa, give me
    I would look like a Snufkin but still.


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