Monday, 22 July 2013


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As you may have already noticed, lately scrolling the Tumblr dashboard has been my full-time job... Well, more like full-time pleasure. So as I was scrolling into the very deepness of Tumblr I spotted many photos of mini tattoos... and I liked them. I've been wanting a tattoo for a very veeery long time but still somehow haven't got one. I think a very small tattoo is a good for the start as it's not always very visible and you can easily hide it. 

I've chosen my six favourite photos of mini tattoos for this post. Firstly, I think it is important to give the tattoo a meaning and that's why a word is something I would like to get tattooed. I especially like the "fearless" tattoo as it is written in the most beautiful font. Definitely the font I would use for my mini tattoo! When it comes to placing the tattoo on the body I really like finger tattoos. Especially these presented in the first picture. Doesn't it just look beautiful?

Do you have any mini tattoos or would you like to get them?


  1. A girl I know has the exact same fearless tattoo! Actually I think that might be here in the photo :') x

    1. No way! Haha I just love coincidences like this xx

  2. I love small tattoos! I have a small one behind one of my ears. Great post!


  3. I'd love to have a small tattoo, I wanted to do a notching one with my sister...soon :) xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  4. Ah, they are just lovely, and of course I want one! But I must say, I spoke with a tattoo artist two weeks ago and she said that finger tattoo isn't such a great idea, since you do a lot of 'stuff' with your hands, like wash them all the time etc, like it's the most exposed and used part of your body and it often fades or gets blurry very quickly and need to be corrected from time to time. At least that's what she said.
    Can't wait to get one, hopefully soon.

  5. I much prefer tattoos to piercings, and I think the mini tattoos are really cute! Xx


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