Monday, 30 December 2013


New Year's Eve is just round the corner or even closer as it's tomorrow! Even though I'm not going to any fancy New Year's Eve party this year I really like to think what I would wear if I was. For me the best source of any kind of dressed will always be Asos and that's exactly where I went to find the perfect dress... I've found seven. 

For me the most obvious choice and the easiest one is a little black dress. The ASOS Lace Mix Chiffon Skater Dress is a delicate dress made of chiffon. It has a nice mesh yoke which I think makes it look a little less polite and a little bit more party.

The Jones and Jones Organza Dress with Pleated Skirt is something I would never wear but when I found it on Asos, I just fell in love. I wouldn't say it's a typical New Year's Eve dress but I love it so much I would make it work somehow. 

As I'm a big skater dresses lover I obviously fell in love with AQ AQ Major Structured Skater Dress In Digital Print. The print is so gorgeous that the outfit doesn't need any accessories. Just a pair of classic black high heels and I'd be ready to go. 

I've never ever wore a long dress for a New Year's Eve party, I've never also been on a party fancy enough but if one day I go for I know exactly what I'd wear - Virgos Lounge Selene Maxi Dress with Embellished Top.  

When I think about New Year's Eve party I always see sequins in my head so I had to include one sequin dress here. The ASOS Sequin Top Skater Dress in shade Navy seems to be the perfect one! It's simple and also has an amazing neckline.

My favourite dress here is definitely the ASOS Skater Dress With Leather Laser Cut Collar. I totally love how girly this dress looks like. And the little scalloped collar makes it look even better!

The last dress on my list is the Frock and Frill Embellished Shift Dress with Scallop Hem. I've always wanted to wear a dress like that and look like I'm a time traveller from 20's! I'm totally in love with those Art Deco details.

What will you be wearing for a New Year's Eve party tomorrow?

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  1. Stunning dresses, I'd be happy to wear any one of them :o). Xx

  2. The dresses on the far right of each picture are my favourites!
    SO pretty!


  3. Beautiful choices! I don't go out on NYE but I love the Frock and Frill Embellished Shift Dress with Scallop Hem, its so pretty


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