Monday, 23 December 2013


Some time ago I bought my first cream blush and I need to tell you, I am amazed. I bought the Topshop Blush in Flush. Flush is a pink shade that suits most skin tones, it's a very neutral shade. 

I absolutely love the packaging of this blush, I actually love the packaging of all Topshop make-up products. It's so simple and those black sketching polka dots make it look so adorable. It's also very good quality. 

As for the formula, it's definitely cream to powder. It's cream when applying but then dries and changes into powder. I've heard many people complaining about cream to powder blushes but I think I actually prefer it that way as the finish is matte. It's very easy to apply, I do it with my fingers by dotting it on my cheeks and then blending. The colours are very pigmented which might seem a little scary but when blended in, the blush looks very natural. 

As for the wear time, it stays on the cheeks for about 8-10 hours, which for me is a great amount of time. I will definitely be rushing back to Topshop to get some more shades of this cream blush! "Head Over Heels" would look great in my make-up collection!

Have you ever tried Topshop's cream blush? What did you think?

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  1. I've wanted to try Topshop blushes for a while now, didn't know what one to choose but this looks like a good way to go. I prefer cream to powder formulas too, they last longer and just look better in my opinion! :)

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  2. I really want to try Topshop cream blushes!
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  3. I have the Head over heals blush but I belong to those who don't like cream to powder finish :/

    Blu Button Box

  4. I have never tried any Topshop makeup items, but this blush looks really pretty. :)


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