Thursday, 12 December 2013


You know how I love Primark. If I could I would actually live there. I have no idea how Primark does it but I always love about 90% of its clothes. As I was recently going through again and spotted the new Primark collection there I just had to pick my favourites and make this post!

The first thing I chose is a Daisy Print Contrast Trim Blouse. I think it's actually very summery but that of course doesn't stop me from liking it in the wintertime. I just love the daisy print! The next thing I really like is the Aztec Scarf. I've always loved aztec print so this scarf is a perfect match for me! I'm also in love with those colours! Speaking about colours, I'm totally in love with the Pale Pink Heart Jumper. Isn't it the cutest jumper you've ever seen? It's soft, cosy, pale pink and has a heart print on it! Perfect! I also really like the Colour Block Bag. I think I could really use a bag like this right now! I think that this Lace Collar Flower Embroidered Cardi is also very beautiful. I'm actually a little bit obsessed with collars lately so here's another collar thing: a White Sequin Collar Vest. I love how girly and pretty it is! It would also be perfect for wearing underneath sweaters! I also really love most of jeans that Primark has in its new collection. I especially like these High-Waisted Stonewash Jeans as I just love washed denim! I think it gives clothes this great grunge look! The last thing I chose for this post is a Sequin Scallop Dress. It's a great chic dress that can be worn on special occasions but it looks so comfortable and light. I just want to wear it right now!

My favourite thing from the new Primark collection are these Heart Print Short. I bought them couple days ago and I just can't stop staring at them! They are so beautiful and cute! I really love the way high-waisted shorts look like but I've never actually owned any. I am so happy that I finally got shorts like that! They're the prettiest!

What do you think about new Primark arrivals?

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  1. It's difficult not to love Primark when they have so many gorgeous items. It's a shame that my visiting my local one is a bit like going to the zoo at feeding time - frenzied! Xx

  2. LOVE the jeans and the Aztec scarf!
    I'm not a massive fan of actually going in there though... My local is always packed and super messy and I'm quite ocd and love a neat shopping environment!


  3. I love that scarf, and that grey dress, and the shorts! Everything looks amazing xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  4. I love that grey dress & the Daisy print blouse. It all looks really lovely though!

  5. I love Primark, we're getting a new bigger one where I live, I'm so excited as we never get any of the nice bits you see on blogs!
    I love your shorts :)


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