Saturday, 25 January 2014


One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more organised. I've been failing to stay organised and therefore more productive for couple of years now so I hope 2014 will finally be the year of keeping that resolution for at least 365 days. I've already failed in staying organised for the most part of January but I totally blame exam session for that. I've searched the Internet in order to find some good tips on how to stay organised and this is what I've found: 

1. MAKE LISTS: make any kind of lists, a shopping list, list of things to do, list of things to write about on your blog, list of things to take photos of for your blog posts and so on. Those lists are supposed to help you remember the things you need to do. But if you don't like traditional paper lists or you tend to loose or forget them you can always use your smartphone to do it. Also remember, don't put more than 5 things on your list or it will get too big and you'll feel overwhelmed. 

2. SCHEDULE: Making lists will probably still not be enough to really stay organised and productive. All goals need to be set in time. This is where calendars are most helpful. I've bought two calendars this year, one for organising my life tasks such as meetings, exams or birthdays I need to remember and another one strictly for blogging. I really hope they will help me with scheduling and planning. 

3. ORGANISE YOUR WORKING SPACE: Unclutter your desk for starters. Having a clean working space is a must when you want to stay organised. After it's been uncluttered it needs to be organised. For example take all pens and put them in one jar, put all files in one place, organise CD's by colour or in alphabetical order, whatever method you like, it's fine as long as everything has its place. And remember, when you use something, always put it back in the same place you've taken it from. It's also a great idea to place an organising board near your desk, in a visible place.

4. WRITE IT DOWN: It's an amazing idea to always have something to write and a notebook by your side. This way you can always write down an idea you think of in the most random moment (unless your brain comes up with the most brilliant ideas in the shower just like mine, then that's a problem). Just as with making lists, you can use your smartphone to do this. No wonder they're called "smart" phones, they are pretty smart and helpful, aren't they?

5. HAVE FUN: Being organised shouldn't be a bad thing, something you will struggle with and not enjoy because then you'll stop doing it after a one week. Find a fun way of doing it! By some pretty organisers, colourful stickers, make pretty lists and enjoy doing what you do! 

What do you do to stay organised? 

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  1. really good motivational ideas, sometimes it's so good having everything planned ahead, lovely diary and really liked your blog as well x


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