Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I've been having a lot of free time lately (possibly more than I should) which obviously means that I spent it on going through all my favourite websites. Most of my favourite pages of course are on-line shops and H&M is definitely one of them. I think it'll be safe to say that I did a little bit of modern window shopping and totally spent most of the time staring at that one window full of H&M accessories. 

I've been always loving H&M bags, they always are very classic, simple and good quality as for bags from this price range. Exactly how I like my bags! But this big black bag swept me out of my feet like none bag ever did. It's so big and practical, especially for carrying those big piles of university stuff. It also comes in three other colours but black is definitely the prettiest of them. Another handbag I loved during my little on-line window shopping is also big and black (what a surprise). Although when I look at it I think "country" and I am not exactly sure why. The last bag I love is a little bit more spring worthy. It's also available in brown colour but I think the blue version is so much prettier and much more perfect for the springtime! It's quite small so it would be great for spring walks. Other than bags I've also added to my ultimate wishlist two hats. One black floppy hat in wool and one wool hat. The second one would definitely be much more practical in this sometimes windy weather but I still want them both! The last thing I chose from all the amazing H&M accessories is the prettiest gold necklace I have seen in ages! I think I need to get my lazy bum out of the apartment and go to H&M to get it! 

What do you think about these H&M accessories?


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