Sunday, 2 March 2014


I recently purchased the newest addition to Max Factor mascaras collection which is the Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara. Or more like mascaras, because it consists of two wands. One of them is a volumising base and the other wand is an intense black lacquer. 

The volumising part has the most amazing rubber wand I have ever used! It really thickens the lashes and is perfect for an everyday or dramatic make-up. It separates the lashes very well and there's not a single chance of clumping. The other part which is a classic wire wand gives a polished jet black finish which means it makes lashes look like they were wet and glossy. I've used this part of the mascara only about three times so far and it's probably because for me it feels a little bit too heavy and sticky.  And it's probably also because I love the volumising wand so much! 

There are two drawbacks of this mascara that I found. The first one is that the wands are far too short. I know this mascara looks really big just the way it is but the distance between the actual brush and the plastic packaging should be bigger. Or the whole mascara should just be a little bit slimmer. It would definitely make the applying a lot easier. The other drawback is connected with the lacquer finish part. For me, it's totally unnecessary therefore the next time I will try the False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara. It has a similar (and longer) wand and it's also cheaper so it's a "win win win" deal for me. 

Have you already tried this mascara? What did you think?

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  1. Good to know, I'll check it out if I can find it in Italy! At the moment I'm loving the Miss Manga by L'Oreal!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡


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