Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I've heard a lot about a brand called theBalm and so probably have you. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to buy any of theBalm's products here so for now all I can get is a wishlist.

I've placed only four products on my wishlist and I think it's enough for a start. The first thing is the most classic palette - the Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow Palette. This palette contains of 12 nice nude shadows that can be used on their own as well as mixed together. What I really love about this palette are eyeshadow's names. They all start with letter "S" and each one represents characteristics of women. Seductive and Stand-offish are definitely my favourite and these are the ones I want to try the most.

The lipstick I chose is called BalmGirls Lipstick and it's in colour Ima Goodkisser which is a soft shimmering coral. What really got me is the word "coral" because I'm totally obsessed with coral lipsticks lately. What I heard about these lipsticks is that they are very pigmented and also moisturizing and slick and I just can't wait to see if any of these information are true.

The next thing is a Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. It can be used either as a shadow when applied on eye lids, as a highlighter when applied on cheeks and as a shimmer when used as an all-over finishing touch but I would probably use it just as a highlighter. What I love about it is the nice goldy champagne colour which I think is perfect for a highlighter.

The last thing on this wishlist is a blush. The Frat Boy Blush is the one that got my special attention. It's a little bit coral, a little bit pink, in conclusion - the perfect summer shade. It looks very pigmented which makes me very happy and even more eager to try it. What I also like a lot is the vintage packaging and I could say it about every theBalm product. Don't they all look great and make you want to buy them? Because all I can hear now is them screaming "buy me, buy me!"

Have you tried any of theBalm's products? What do you think?


  1. I'm craving for some of theBalm products, mostly the Nude Tude Palette and The Frat Boy Blush. They definitely scream: "BUY ME". xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. I love all these! I've never tried anything from theBalm but these are all things I've wanted to pick up!

  3. Amazing! I want them all! I want everything make-up related<3 Loved your blog and will come back for sure! I find it very inspirational...

    Oh, I just started following you on Bloglovin by the way! Hope you come by my blog sometime too! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it? We can also follow each other everywhere else;)!

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    1. Thanks a lot! I really like your blog and I followed you back! xx

  4. Ive always wanted to try the Nudetude Nude Eyeshadow Palette, but I recently bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette so I cant justify another major purchase yet. I have tried the Hot Mama Blush/Shadow, but it was nothing special unfortunately.


    1. I also just bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I can't wait for it to finally arrive! Thanks for the opinion, now I will definitely think twice before buying the Hot Mama Blush :) xx


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