Tuesday, 9 July 2013


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What I'm obsessed about lately is nail art and I think that Tumblr somehow knows it because while I was scrolling through the never-ending dashboard I came across a suspicious amount of amazing nail art ideas. As I couldn't bear the awesomeness of them I decided to share them with you and also try some of them on my nails. 

The first idea that I instantly fell in love with is probably the easiest design to do on this list. All you need to paint it on your nails is a good white nail polish and colourful glitter. Not much, right? But just look at the effect! Stunning! 

The next one is quite similar to the previous one but it must have taken much longer time. It's also based on white nail paint and colourful variation on the top but in this case the top layer is made with many nail polishes in different, neon colours. I assume that whoever did this got their fingers very dirty... 

The blue, red and white ice-cream design is another one I found amusing and I think it's the toughest to create. Almost every nail of the five is different which requires a lot of creativity and what's even more important - patience. I think I could deal with white polka dots but these little ice creams would probably drive me crazy. 

The following one is what I think is called a "confetti" manicure. It's also quite easy to make and just like two of the previous ones is based on white nail polish and colourful top layer. The confetti on the top is created  by painting similar length stripes in three neon colours (coral, green and blue) in different directions.   

It seems like I've really fallen into white+colour nail art designs because here's another one. It's very similar to the confetti one but in this case instead of little stripes we have different shapes such as triangles, squares, zigzags or circles. What I like about this design is that whoever makes it can make it their own way, use the shapes, sizes and colours they want. 

If you've made it that far - I love you and I promise that it's the last one. This design is also an every-nail-different-way design. Well, almost. I love navy style and that is why I like this idea so much and what makes it even better is the turquoise colour mixed with silver glitter. I really want to try this design on my nails but I worry about the perfection which the anchor is made with. I predict it'll take me at least five trials to make it look at least bearable. 

I love them all so much that I don't know which one to choose and try! Which one would you like to try on your nails?


  1. Oh, all of those are pretty but mostly I like the one with those little ice creams and the one with different neon shapes on. I'm really looking forward to see what's gonna come out of this! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. These are all so lush! The red & blue lollipop one is my fave!

    Just found your blog, love it! Followed ♥

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. i love nail art! these are all pretty!

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    from Brigitte at BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter


  4. I just found your blog and OMG!!!! Girl, I love your blog. It's different but similar...? Ahaha. I don't know, it's just pretty cool.

    ♡ http://bluntlybeautiful.blogspot.com/

    Twitter & IG: @B_BeautifulBlog


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