Sunday, 25 August 2013


I don't remember when, where or how I found out about Baublebar but it somehow ended up in my "saved pages" folder. And after spending quite a long time on their website today and seeing every single item I realised I'm totally in love with their necklaces. Most of the necklaces I own are very simple and delicate. My collection lacks of big, neon necklaces! And that's what Baublebar specialises in. 

Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't include some "simple and delicate" necklaces it this post. So let's start with them. The fist one is a FAIRYTALE DUO PENDANT. It's a two-in-one necklace with little heart-shaped pendants (star-shaped pedants also available). The second one is a BAR PENDANT which has been a real hit this summer!

As for the big necklaces, I've totally fallen in love with four. The first one is YELLOW SUN SPIRE STRAND. I love such geometric necklaces and when it comes to neon, yellow is my favourite version. What I like the most about COBALT WISTERIA BIB is the colour. I have no idea what I would wear it with but the little gradient effect created by using three different shades of blue totally got me. The next one is a ONZE LINK COLLAR. I actually have a similar one but much smaller and I love the way it looks like. The last one I chose is TEARDROP SHANGRI-LA BIB (CORAL). Did I mention I'm obsessed with coral lately? Well, I am and that's why I like this necklace so much.

Unfortunately, Baublebar is a little bit (a lot) out of my price range so all I can have now are wishlist and dreams. But who doesn't like wishlists, right? What do you think of these necklaces?

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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous!

    I think I'd go for the chunky chains, to add a statement :)

    Hmm maybe...

  2. nice pieces!
    really nice blog btw! following you :)

  3. I think it's super pretty and gorgeous!!! love the neon colors necklaces there!! super pretty :)
    thanks for your comment. wanna follow each other? let me know dear♥

  4. necklaces are all gorgeous!! im a new follower on gfc & bloglovin! would love it if yoou could check out my blog xx

    1. sure, love your blog and I followed you on bloglovin' xx

  5. I've heard about Bauble Bar but never actually got around to looking at their website until I read your post. I love the items you've linked to, especially the Fairytale Duo Pendant! Great blog :)

    Rare Ribbon


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