Sunday, 15 September 2013


Some time ago I bought the Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer. I bought it in some weird small (but cheap) polish store so I have no idea whether it's available in stores or online now. I posted about it in one of my hauls (click) and as some of you wanted to read the review, here it is.

I bought the brow enhancer is colour Light Brown/Champagne. The wand has two different ends. One is a tinted wax which gives a little colour to the brows, fills them in and also tames them. The other end which is a highlighter gives the effect of a brighter, bigger eye.

I love filling my brown with pencils, I think it's very quick and easy. Unfortunately this brow enhancer doesn't work like that... I can only use the tinted wax on top of some other brow pencil. It gives almost no colour. But it's very good when it comes to taming brows. After applying, they stay in place for a very long time. I can safely say that it holds my brows in place all day. As for the highlighter, it's nothing extraordinary.  I don't think I will be using it. It's a little bit too highlighting and the shade of it is too yellow.

Overall I don't think that Revlon's brow enhancer is bad and I can't say that I regret buying it. But I wouldn't repurchase it.

What do you use for making your brows?

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  1. Sounds like a disappointment - if you're looking for a great budget buy I can recommend the Collection eye brow definers instead :o). Xx

  2. I thought that this would be good it's disappointing! Could you check out my blog?


  3. thanks for the review! i've never been able to have good luck with drugstore brow products which is annoying because the higher end ones seems to be so expensive! lately i've been using brow zings by benefit and I go back and forth between loving it & wondering if something else could be better, but for $30 (I think!) I'll definitely keep using it for a while!

    sundays grace beauty


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