Thursday, 19 September 2013


You know that amazing feeling when you step into the drugstore and you see this big sign saying "3 for 2"? I know that feeling now. I went into Superdrug couple days ago and saw that exact thing and it was all about Barry M. As I couldn't just leave the store without anything I bought three Barry M nail polishes.

Picking those colours wasn't difficult at all as I made a Barry M wishlist some time ago.

Matt White was the most obvious choice as I wanted a good white (opaque in two coats) nail polish and I heard this one is pretty good. I haven't tried it yet but I hope it will meet my expectations!

Strawberry Ice Cream is a nice pale-but-not-too-pale pink. I wanted such nail polish for a long time now. I've probably mentioned this million times before but I really do love my H&M's Pink Macaroon. Unfortunately it is very low quality (it chips one day after applying) so I was looking for something similar. Firstly, I bought Rimmel Salon Pro in New Romantic. Unfortunately it's not opaque even in three coats... So that's the reason why I've bought Strawberry Ice Cream. I've already tried it and I love it! It could be a LITTLE bit lighter, so I will still keep my eyes open on pale pink nail polishes but the formula is totally amazing! It stays very long on nails without any chipping. I'm in love!

Gold Mine Glitter is the one I spend about 15 minutes deciding on. It was not on my wishlist but a very similar one called Sequin Nail Effects - Black was and as Gold Mine Glitter was slightly cheaper and my budget is quite tight at the moment, I've chosen it! I've also used it already and I think it's amazing! I'm so glad I've picked it!

The "3 for 2" offer doesn't end till the end of September so if you want to try these Barry M nail polishes you can get them in Superdrug, £2.99 each so you can get three amazing nail polishes for £5.98. BARGAIN!

Do you like Barry M nail polishes? Which colours are your favourite?

PS. Sorry for not posting much lately but I'm actually in London for 4 days now. Just making my dream come true, no biggie. I'll be back in Sunday evening! Hope you're all fine. xx

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  1. ahh the matte white looks lovely! x

  2. All three look lovely, I especially like the glittery black :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  3. Lovely picks! Gold Mine Glitter looks gorgeous, I'd love to see how it looks on the nails :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  4. The black one is lovely, might have to pop to superdrug soon..:)xx

  5. I wrote a favorite blogs post and included you so check it out if you'd like :) x
    Favouites: Small Time Bloggers

  6. Gold mine glitter looks so pretty! I will definitely check it out next time I'm at the drugstore. Thanks for sharing :)


  7. The pink one looks really pretty. It's so hard to find a nice pale polish that doesn't require you to layer several coats onto your nails.

  8. Hope you're already enjoying your exchange - I've tagged you in the around the world tag on my blog ( so you can record some of your travels!

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  9. I absolutely love Barry M nail polishes! And they're always on offer as well which just sweetens the deal! I have just found your blog and I'm glad I did. I look forward to more posts from you ! If you get the time, check out my blog if you like :)


  10. I tagged you in The Autumn Tag! You can check it out on my blog: :) xx


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