Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I stepped into H&M. Uh oh. I just couldn't handle the perfection of all the things I saw in there so when I got home (after barely leaving the store, fortunately noone had to drag me out) I went straight to H&M's online store to see this perfection again. And that's how this wishlist was created.

Viscose dress (£19.99) - The shape of this dress doesn't look very flattering here but I think it will look good on me anyway. At least I hope so because I've been wanting a dress like that for ages! I guess I need to get back to H&M and find out!

Suede boots (£34.99) - These are probably my favourite on this wishlist! I love suede boots, especially brown. For me, they are just perfect.

Super-stretch treggings (£12.99) - I love wearing treggins as I think they're very comfortable so when I saw these with this amazing print, I fell in love.

Jersey dress (£14.99) - Ok, that's the CUTEST dress I have ever seen! I think that I'm actually going to buy it! £15 is not that bad for a dress like that, right? So cute!

Suede boots (£39.99) - This is another pair of suede boots. Did I mention I love suede boots? I also really love ankle boots on heels. They look amazing and are very comfortable! I also really like the metal trim on the front of these, it makes them look more interesting.

Sleeveless dress (£14.99) - Here, I'm totally in love with the print! I own a cardigan which has exactly the same print and I love wearing it!

Denim skirt (£14.99) - The last thing is a denim skater skirt. I love how the denim is a little bit washed, I think it gives the skirt a more grunge look. It also comes with a really nice belt. I love it!

Do you like H&M's Autumn collection?

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  1. I love this wishlist! Everything here is perfect! Could I have that Viscose dress, please? xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. I nearly bought that cute cat-patterned dress the other day while out shopping! It's sooo cute. I think I'm going to have to go back and pick it up!

    I really love all of your picks! Everything is so lovely!

    ✿ Emily | Honey Loaf xx

  3. i just got the cat dress how could any cat lover resist that!

  4. Everything on here is gorgeous! Love it! x

  5. That grey acid wash skater skirt is to die for.
    I've been really loving the grunge trend making a comeback.

    - Marci | AmourMarci

  6. I love that cat-patterned dress and I'm looking for it everywhere, but here in italians store there're only skirts with the same print but no dress like this. :(

  7. This collection is pure perfection! I simply love every piece, especially that Viscose dress, stunning!

  8. Those pants are perfect! Have you seen their Paris Show collection? Absolutely amazing! x

  9. I saw that cat print skirt the other day in hm and I was so close to buying it, but I resisted because I have way too many unworn clothes


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