Wednesday, 16 October 2013


As we're in the middle of October I though it would be a great time to make an October Wishlist. As October always seems to be a little bit colder than previous months (obviously) I tend to spend even more time at home and be bored. I don't know about you but boredom makes me want things. I always end up going through online stores looking for that perfect dress, coat, top... So I guess this boredom created perfect conditions for me to make this wishlist!

The first thing I want this month is a PURPLE PAISLEY BUBBLE JUMPER. It's perfect in every way. The shape is totally in this autumn, the paisley print makes me want to wear it all the time and the fact that every jumper I own is in this exact shade of purple means something. Perfection is the only word that can be used to describe this jumper.

I also really love this RHIANNA 3/4 SLEEVE GEOMETRIC FIT & FLARE MINI DRESS. I've seen quite similarly printed shirt in Penneys lately and I totally fell in love with it. Those little geometric things make it look so pretty! And this is totally my favourite shape of a dress! I just realised I don't own any 3/4 sleeve dress... This has to change asap!

As for clothes I've also really been loving coats and jackets lately. I chose two for this post, both from New Look. The first one I spotted is a BLACK LEATHER-LOOK AZTEC EMBOSSED JACKET. I'm totally in love with the embossment and the shape of it. Uh-mazin'! The BURGUNDY LEATHER-LOOK SLEEVE WATERFALL JACKET is what I think (I can't decide!) I love the most in this wishlist! It's so perfect! And so easy to throw on during warmer days! The last clothing piece I really like are MID WASH PANEL DETAIL JEANS. They are quite high waisted, simple, super skinny and mid washed. Exactly how I like my jeans!

As for accessories I thought I'd need some warm mittens. I fell in love with these CABLE MITTENS at a first sight! I'm not really sure about the colour but ahh who cares! They're awesome. I know I mentioned this before but I am OBSESSED with bowler hats. And as I found another one I just had to put in on my October wishlist. The PORK PIE HAT (or is it called pork pie hat? I'm confused.) I found in Topshop is just the best I've seen yet. Great colour, great shape and awesomeness. It's got it all. There's also one bonus "accessory" I just had to put in here. Isn't the CUPCAKE MEMO NOTEPAD just the cutest thing ever?

The last section (I hope you made it that far.) is all about cosmetics. I've been obsessively wanting to try the SEVENTEEN PHWOARR PAINT. I heard it is amazing and I'm very determined to see if that's true. The RIMMEL KATE SPRING LIPSTICK in shade 16 is something I've been wanting for ages now. I haven't bought it earlier as some other lip products were instantly somehow popping into my make up collection and now I totally regret that as I can find "16" anywhere. Well... karma.

What has been on your wishlist this month?

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  1. That dress is amazing and I definitely want to try the 17 concealer! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

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  3. Great picks~ I am actually loving the fashion trends for this autumn. I am always up for a bit of dark colours and burgandy :) That Rimmel Kate lipstick looks lush~ Will definitely give any look a pop of colour~ I need to try the Phwoar paint soon, heard lovely things about it :D

    Thank you for sharing your wishlist~ Have a lovely evening!

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  4. Ooh love both of those jackets, I think the burgundy one juuuust tops it.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx


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