Wednesday, 26 March 2014


As the spring has finally arrived and is staying, at least I hope so (we actually had snow in April last year) there's no excuse for me not to workout. It's time to start exercising and eating well to get that bikini body before summer kicks in. My favourite activity is definitely running. Even though I moan before every single jog I still love it, especially the feeling after I come back, take a shower and just sit. The worst part when it comes to jogging is...starting, getting out of the house. And as I have been a lazy bum lately, I only went running... once. This has to change and in order to make that change I need new workout clothes. Here are some that I like:

My favourite is definitely the "Let's #Twerk It Out" t-shirt. I'm pretty sure I'd be the most stylish runner in my local park wearing these clothes, don't you think? Which of these pieces do you like the most?

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