Saturday, 15 February 2014


Yes, I did it. I cut my hair. I no longer have ombre hair which makes me a bit sad but knowing me it'll probably be back when my hair grows back a little. I wasn't very happy about cutting my hair in the first place, I liked them long but the bad condition of my hair made me do it. And now I'm glad it did as I absolutely love my new haircut!

As for the non-hairy part of my life, I came back home from Ireland last week so I've been spending a massive amount of time at the airport which wasn't that bad since I had Milky Way Magic Stars with me, there has also been some flying and reuniting with family and friends. I've also bought some new make-up treats which involved the most beautiful Sleek palette (more here) and my first ever MAC lipstick! In my free time I've watched a lot of Gilmore Girls aka the best TV show ever episodes and spent far too much time playing Flappy Bird. I swear, this game is the most annoying and addictive game I've ever played. Also, even though it's already February, this week I've seen snow for the first time this year (which lasted only one day but it was there, I promise)!
What have you been up to lately?

1 comment:

  1. Your hair is beautiful :)
    I've been meaning to watch Gilmore Girls again from the beginning! It's such a great show.



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